IoTWare & IoT Development System

IOTIQ developed an engineering tool suite for enhanced smart environments called IoTWare. The aim of this engineering tool suite is to ease the creation of smart environments by facilitating the design, development, engineering, commissioning, operation, and optimization stages of smart environment lifecycle.

What is IoTWare?

  • IoTWare is a platform & tool suite to produce IoT systems 
  • IoTWare addresses each stage of the lifecycle
  • IoTWare targets all stakeholders
  • IoTWare streamlines rapid development
  • IoTWare eliminates SW development knowledge for system engineering
  • IoTWare automatically generates the products

What is IoTWare not?


  • is NOT an IoT device
  • is NOT a communication protocol
  • is NOT an IoT system
  • does NOT aim a specific IoT domain

Why IoTWare is necessary?

    • Wealth of different but isolated systems
    • Little synergies between functions from different application domains
    • No common system concept for integration across application domains
    • Extension by additional services (e.g. energy monitoring) is costly-Hard to achieve especially for 3rd parties
    • Integration of the different systems requires high engineering effort
    • Insufficient diagnosis of the performance of functions

IoTWare’s Technical Ambitions are:

  • Semantic service framework for enterprise environments
  • Easy development & engineering of value-added IoT services
  • Simple integration of mainstream  IoT technologies
  • Semantic models supporting all phases of the service life cycle
  • To pave the way towards future automations ecosystems by providing the IoT-Ware as technical enabler

IoT-Ware & IoT Development System

Design of an IoT product contains:

  • Service Type (ST) instances
  • Relations among the ST instances
  • Values of parameters

Generates all the executable system code for:

  • Commissioning
  • Device communication
  • User interface
  • Monitoring

Possible Application Domains are:

  • Building automation
  • Industrial applications
  • Agriculture
  • Medical systems
  • Smart cities
  • Smart ports